Mothers\' learning needs assessment regarding pneumonia among children less than five years at Saudi Arabia


Fawzia El Sayed Abusaad and Sahar Farouk Hashem

A large number of children suffering from pneumonia fail to reach health facilities well in the appropriate time because their mothers fail to recognize seriousness of their illness. Early recognition of symptoms of pneumonia by mothers and their participation in effective case management of pneumonia may reduce childhood mortality. This study assesses mothers' learning needs regarding pneumonia among children less than five years. A descriptive study were conducted on 160 mothers with their children under five years of age attending Al-Mosheir hospital in Sakaka city, Saudi Arabia. Data was collected using interview questionnaire covering Sociodemographic criteria of the mothers and multiple questions that cover mothers knowledge and perception about pneumonia. It was found that more than half (51.1%) of mothers who had children suffer from pneumonia their age were between 20-29 years. 75% of mothers have good level of knowledge and (94.1%) of their children have got pneumonia, as well as (64.3%) of mothers have fair level of perception and (97.1%) of their children have got pneumonia. There was a significant association between level of mothers' knowledge, perception and occurrence of pneumonia among their children this study concluded that mothers have good knowledge and fair perception regarding pneumonia among their children attending hospital. Inspit of this, the recurrence of pneumonia among children was noticeable especially with young age mothers.

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