Maternal outcome of pregnancy with PROM a retrospective stud | 17862
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Maternal outcome of pregnancy with PROM a retrospective study in an Indian medical college


Malay Sarkar, Sanjay Basak, Sankar Kumar Das, Dibyendu Roy, Nabanita Dasgupta, Somenath Dey

The aim and objective is to determine the incidence , to find out the age, parity and gestational age distribution and presentation of PROM and also to f ormulate the line of management. The cases selected in this study were those patients who had spontaneous rupture of membranes after 28 wks of gestation but before the onset of labour pain. The study period was of 1 year wef Jan 2012 to 31 st Dec 2012. This study was conducted in the labour room o f Malda Medical College, Malda, W.B, and India. The patients were admitted in the labour room throu gh emergency. Total number of deliveries 12,148 and total number of PROM cases were 729. The incide nce of PROM in this study is 6%. The maximum numbers of cases were in the age group between 20-2 9 yrs (63%). PROM mainly occurs in primigravida (50.06%). Cephalic is the commonest presentation (8 5.18%) in PROM and incidence of caesarean section is 25.9%. PROM is an obstetric emergency an d once PROM is diagnosed it is important to weigh the risk of PROM and prematurity and make the right choice of conservative management or active management. If there is chance of maternal morbidit y pregnancy should be terminated considering the maternal well being first and then that of the fetu s.

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