Mahuva - Turmeric Powder: Evolution of Human Health | 52183
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Mahuva - Turmeric Powder: Evolution of Human Health


Bhanu Pratap Singh*, Komal Singh and Bhawana Dayal

Mahuva- termo powder is combination of dry Mahuva powder and Turmeric powder. Mahuva and turmeric used from ancient time as food and ingredient. Mahuva and turmeric have potency to prevent from various infections and chronic diseases like common cold, fever, cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, osteomalacia and liver damage. Several of bioactive compound present in turmeric which makes turmeric been a part of traditional medicine.

Mahuva also shows response against infections, intestinal worms, coronary heart disease and Diabetes. This powder has characteristics - Anti-cancer, Anti-bacterial, Hepatoprotective etc. This paper is demonstrated about their nutritional value, role in human health and enthomedical properties. The Moto of this powder is" boost immunity and focus on nutrition because a lot depend on our nutrition and food is the best Medicine".

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