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Knowledge Assessment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in First Professional Medical Students


Dr. Zulfiqar Khosa , Dr.Mukhtar Mehboob

Diabetes mellitus is increasing with a consternation rate worldwide. The expected death may rise to more than 5 million at the end of 2035. Various studies alarmed that the knowledge of type 2 diabetes mellitus is very poor in under developed and developing countries. Having knowledge of various common diseases are of utmost importance to meet the challenges of increasing healthcare costs. In view of above factors, it is apparent that there is need to see the knowledge of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the daily life of our community. This study was aimed to assess the knowledge of diabetes mellitus among medical students of Bolan University of Medical And Health Sciences Quetta. The medical students were selected because they came from different educational setup and representing the whole province of Balochistan. The students can play a crucial role in awareness programs regarding this disease. The awareness level regarding diabetes mellitus can help out the community to lessen the complications, to improve the treatment and to prevent the complications. In this study, the elder students and the students of second year had more knowledge of diabetes mellitus which found statistically significant. Correlation of existing literature to the current study of knowledge of diabetes mellitus had given mix findings. There were 174 (87.0%) of students who claimed that they had some knowledge of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Elder students of this had 4:5 times more knowledge than the younger students. It was found significant. Knowledge of type 2 diabetes mellitus among the relatives, friends, its causative factors, symptoms and course was found insignificant. The students who had the knowledge of type 2 diabetes mellitus had no any correlation to the knowledge of its treatment and it was found insignificant. The knowledge how to prevent type 2 diabetes mellitus was found 7.4. 

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