Investigation of mechanical/physico-chemical properties of k | 16693
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Investigation of mechanical/physico-chemical properties of kaolinite ore (clay) from Umuariaga-Umudike, Abia State of Nigeria


Chukwu GU and Ajuamiwe CF

The study on some ceramic clays from Umudike, Ikwuano local government area of Abia state of Nigeria entailed collecting samples from outcrops around Umuariaga community. Physical and chemical parameters of four samples were investigated which constitute their mechanical strength and property. There has been some mixtures of other observable particles like mud, kaolin (white or grey, floury material), red particles and in general it showed relatively low potassium oxide (KO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), calcium oxide (CaO), among other compounds. Most of the samples were rich in aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and silica (SiO2). The relatively light colors after firing were due to the presence of low iron (II) oxide (Fe2O3) contents. The clay in part of Ikwuano constitutes intercalation layers within the coastal plain sands of the eastern Niger delta which is porous, permeable and constitutes a fresh water bearing zone. Due to the high alumina and silica contents with low amount of flux materials, these clays are presently being used in the ceramic industry to produce household wares like plates, cups, electrical sockets (insulators), toilet seats, bath tubs, flower verses and for casting.

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