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Innovation and European Energy Industry Sustainability in growth, efficiency, and effectiveness


Muslima Zahan

The sources of environmental problems were acknowledged to stem from industrialization and the ever-increasing consumption of materials and energy (Ashford et al., 2012). In the meantime, the fossil fuels are being replaced by renewable energy from home to industry worldwide. Thus, technological evolutions and environmental concerns are two of the macro-environmental factors to the European energy industry (Xerfi Global, 2009). The first one is of positive while the second one is very negatively influential. The financial crisis and the subsequent lack of credit availability lead the European Energy operators to redefine their strategy. Along, increasing concern regarding climate change has led to adopt EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS); the Member states are bound to reach some targets. Therefore, this script presents the vision of conceptualizing sustainability in the European energy industry exploring the view of growth, efficiency and effectiveness from different literature.

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