In vitro susceptibility of clinical Candida species to some | 17351
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In vitro susceptibility of clinical Candida species to some natural and synthetic antimycotic agents


Ekanola, Yetunde A., *Ogunshe, Adenike A.O., Olugbodi, Ranti J., Ajibade, John G., and Ojediran, Yetunde O.

Eighteen antifungal drugs, five mentholated balms, sulphur and crude extracts of garlic (Allium sativum), African basil (Ocimum gratissimum) and ginger (Zingiber officinale) were tested for in vitro inhibitory potentials on 107 Candida strains obtained from human oral, high vaginal and endocervical swabs. Between 47.1 and 92.0% (C. albicans); 50.0 and 100% (C. glabrata); 27.2 and 90.9% (C. pseudotropicalis) and 57.1 and 100% (C. tropicalis) respectively were resistant to the antifungal drugs. Only Candiderm cream (clotrimazole) was generally least resisted (27.3-57.1%) by the Candida species, while all the Candida strains were resistant to the mentholated balms and sulphur. Garlic and ginger were respectively inhibitory against 33.3-54.4% and 50.0-72.7% of the Candida strains but low (14.2- 16.1%) inhibition was recorded in African basil. In conclusion, significant in vitro resistance among vulvovaginal Candida species to some classes of antifungal drugs was recorded, indicating a serious clinical challenge in treatment of oral and vulvovaginal candidasis. Meanwhile, this study also reported significant in vitro inhibitory potentials of crude extracts of garlic and ginger on azole- / griseofulvinsusceptible and resistant Candida species, and thereby, can serve as natural adjunct options for the treatment of oral and vulvovaginal candidasis, either as herbal toothpastes, topical anti-Candida agents, suppositories or as douches.

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