Impacts of COVID-19 on Pest Management Activities in North S | 89820
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Impacts of COVID-19 on Pest Management Activities in North Shoa, Central Ethiopia


Bogale Mire*

Pest management is the most essential requirement for agricultural production, productivities, and crop market value in Ethiopia. However, nowadays the production, productivity, and market value of the crop are influenced by pests which resulted from the restriction of any social movement (transportation, physical approach, limitations of import and export commodity, and market) due to COVID-19 in Ethiopia. The study was assessed for pest management activities and its impact on fields of agriculture after Covid-19 introduced into the country Ethiopia and it was conducted in North shoa Oromia regional state in 2020. The assessment was laid out as purposively sampling methods that interviewed four hundred interviewees which include farmers, agricultural extension and hospitality were selected out of the five districts. As the interview, field, and market observation shows, the production and productivity were started to decline by 56 and 60 respectively. There were a number of crops like cereal (wheat and barley), Legume crop (faba bean and pea), and Vegetables (Onion and tomato) were infected by various pest populations. The outbreak of Covid-19 significantly influenced Crops, crop yields, and market values of agriculture which was resulted from weak pest management activities.

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