Impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the education industry | 50558
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Impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the education industry


Nwanna Uchechukwu Kevin

Corona Virus (COVID 19) is a novel virus arising from the family of Sars Cov-2. It is the current pandemic affecting the world, recording over 7 million cases and more than 400,000 deaths. As we write, the United States is the epicenter of the virus, immediately followed by Brazil and in the third-place lies Russia). Africa as a continent is not spared as they have had their own share of the virus hitting and bringing to a halt all major sectors of the economy, such as tourism, entertainment, foreign exchange, importations, and exportations, etc. This halt has brought to Africa both positive and negative transformations. Africa and other continents have been forced to move and adapt to the changing patterns of the world thereby abandoning their long-standing tradition of doing things; a prime example is an educational system, where most Africa countries especially in west Africa consider online learning as no learning at all but holds contact-learning in high esteem. With the advent of the current pandemic rocking the world today educational institutions have found adaptive ways to keep up with the global trends of education rather than to be left behind and play the catch-up game all the time with the rest of the world. Students especially at the university level, have found various ways to keep themselves engaged by up taking various online courses to improve and enhance their skills in their various professions. Notwithstanding, COVID-19 has brought a lot of people to their knees, including health workers (our heroes in this pandemic), security agencies, families and loved ones, immigrants, and the vulnerable(s), among others. To combat this trending and alarming pandemic, there is a need to be adequately informed about the public health perspective of behavioral and adaptive change as we have learned to do with some other infectious diseases such as malaria. HIV/AIDS etc.

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