Impact of Climatic Effects on Earth\'s Lithosphere and the R | 100503
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Impact of Climatic Effects on Earth\'s Lithosphere and the Rise in Earthquakes


Snehal Gurav*

The impact of climatic effects on the rise in earthquakes is a critical area of research, given the escalating concerns about global climate change. This comprehensive research paper delves into the intricate relationship between climatic changes and the observed increase in earthquake occurrences. The study explores various theoretical aspects, including glacier and ice sheet dynamics, sea level rise, changes in groundwater storage, thawing permafrost, volcanic activity, tectonic stress redistribution, and feedback loops, to establish the plausible connections between climatic factors and seismic activity. Original data analysis and statistical modeling are employed to investigate the correlation between climatic variables and earthquake occurrences. The findings contribute significantly to our understanding of the complex interplay between climate change and geological processes, offering valuable insights for climate adaptation strategies, disaster preparedness, and sustainable development. The research aims to prompt effective mitigation measures to address the potential repercussions of climate-induced seismicity and foster global resilience in the face of ongoing environmental challenges.

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