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Identifying Critical Issues in the Perception of Caregivers about Quality of Child Health Care Accommodations Utilizing a Modified Delphi Technique


Alabi Anna*

Identification of the elements of the perception users of health accommodations is a critical step in the development of quantification scales to assess such perception. This study is the second of a three phase approach to engender a validated implement for the assessment of caregiver’s perceived quality of child health care in Primary health care (PHC) facilities. The first phase was exploratory utilizing qualitative methods to assess the perceptions of caregivers about quality of child health care accommodations; it yielded 39 quality-of-care items. In this current study, we subjected the 39 quality of care items to expert review utilizing the modified Delphi method. This method is subsidiary for corroborating content validity in quantitative scale design. A total of 33 experts, including public health specialists, paediatricians and medical sociologists, participated in three iterative rounds. In each round the experts awarded score to the items and consensus amongst experts was tenacious by calculating inter quartile range of the assigned scores.

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