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International Research Journal of Geology and Mining

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Hydrogeochemical characterisation of Shallow and Deep aquifers in and around Limestone Mining Area from Gadchandur, Chandrapur District (Maharashtra), India


Mrunalini V. Khond*, Yogesh A. Murkute and Abhay K. Soni

Evaluation of ground water quality and hydro-geochemistry of shallow and deep aquifer (with respect to guideline values of WHO 2004, geochemical classifications, ion exchange processes and mechanisms controlling ground water chemistry) and evaluation of water quality (with respect to different sodium hazards, Ca2+/Mg2+ ratio) for irrigation purpose in mining area were the aims of the present study. Accordingly ground water samples were collected from shallow, deep aquifers of Gadchandur, Chandrapur in pre and post monsoon seasons 2010. Quality of the water samples collected from the deep aquifer found satisfactory in comparison with water samples collected from the shallow aquifer. Geochemical nature of shallow aquifer was earth alkaline with increased portion of alkalis with prevailing bicarbonate, followed by chloroalkaline disequilibrium type of ion exchange process. Chemical weathering of rock forming minerals was the major driving force controlling shallow aquifer water chemistry. Hydro-geochemistry of deep aquifer in pre-monsoon season hydrogeochemistry of the deep aquifer shifted towards alkaline with sulphate and bicarbonate. Ion exchange process in this aquifer showed complete dominance of base exchange reaction in both the seasons. Chemical weathering along with evaporation was the two major driving forces controlling the water chemistry of the shallow and deep aquifer in pre-monsoon and post-monsoon seasons. RSC (residual sodium carbonate), %Na, SAR (sodium adsorption ratio), Ca2+/Mg2+ ratio and concentration of Cl, F in irrigation water revealed that some water samples were not good enough for irrigation in pre-monsoon season in comparison to that of post monsoon season.

DOI: 10.14303/irjgm.2015.121

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