Household pesticide use in agricultural community, Northeast | 18002
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Household pesticide use in agricultural community, Northeastern Thailand


Norkaew Saowanee, Taneepanichskul Nutta, Siriwong Wattasit, Siripattanakul Sumana and Robson Mark

Thailand is known as an agricultural country and th e world’s agricultural products exporter. Several pesticides are commonly used in both farm and house hold. The main objective of this study was to determine household pesticides use and frequency of use among people living in agricultural community, northeastern, Thailand. Face to face que stionnaire was completed throughout 108 households’ member. The results showed that the par ticipant age ranged from 19 to 84 years. The average age was 53.0 (±12.3) years and 80.6% of res pondents graduated from primary school. Of 73.1 % participants reported that they have been commonly using pesticide in their household mainly contains pyrethroids ingredient. It showed that the associat ion between educational background of the participants versus type of household pesticides ap plication and frequency of household pesticide usage were significantly low and negative correlati on, but pests in home were significantly moderate a nd positive correlation. This study described the inte nsity of household pesticide use in families living in agricultural community; it might be assumed of thei r indirect exposure regarding behavior when using household pesticide.

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