Headache and self-aggression as paradoxical reactions to dia | 16822
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Headache and self-aggression as paradoxical reactions to diazepam: Case reports and review of the literature


Dr. S.E. Oriaifo

Two cases of paradoxical reactions to diazepam are presented. In case 1, patient presented with moderate headache and restlessness after 10mg of diazepam. In case II, patient presented with addiction to diazepam and cannabis though the diazepam addiction started earlier. The addiction resulted in suicidal ideations, which progressed to attempted suicide. The literature on the GABA receptor is reviewed to elucidate the actions of diazepam; and to explain the basis of the paradoxical actions of diazepam which may be most likely due to down-regulation of the receptor by diazepam. That the paradoxical actions could have genetic basis is highlighted.

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