Glucocorticoid and Phospholipase A2 Changes in Acute Lung In | 17427
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Glucocorticoid and Phospholipase A2 Changes in Acute Lung Injury in Fresh Water Drowned Canine Model


Si-Hai Zhu, Yuan-Zhe Wu, Wei-Yan Li, Li-Dong Zhang, Shi-Yong Pan

The present study aimed to assess several biomarker s: glucocorticoid receptor (GR) ,glucocorticoid (GC)and Phospholipase A2 (PLA2) in acute lung inju ry induced by fresh water drowning in partial adrenalectomized dogs. Twenty-four beagle dogs were randomly assigned into three equal groups: the sham control (Group C), the drowning group (Group D ), and the drowning with partial adrenalectomy group (Group N). Animals in Group D and N were irri gated with 25 ml/kg fresh water into the right lung ; the left lung without irrigation was set up as the concurrent control. Animals in Group C were used as the group control without irrigation. The GR in pla sma and leukocytes, GC and PLA2 in plasma were compared between the two sides of lungs, as well as among different groups. G

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