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Geochemical assessment of groundwater around Razgah area, Sarab district, Northwest of Iran


Kaveh Pazand*, Ardeshir Hezarkhani, Yousef Ghanbari, Nasrin aghavali

The chemical analysis of 9 water wells in Razgah area, Azarbaijan province NW of Iran has been evaluated to determine the hydrogeochemical processes and ion, heavy and rare metal concentration background in the region. The dominated hydrochemical types are Na+Cl in area. The metals often concentrate in south and western part in study area. Due to geological conditions and water flow path in the region, probably due to increased metals in the western and southern parts of the area is Razgah intrusion. Based on the total hardness, the groundwater is very hard. According to EC and SAR the most dominant classes are C4-S4. The major ion concentrations are above the acceptable level for drinking water. The groundwater salinity hazard is very high and Na hazard is very high and in regard of irrigation water the quality is low. So the drainage system is necessary to avoid the increase of toxic salt concentrations.

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