Formulation and evaluation of microspheres loaded topical ge | 94275
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Formulation and evaluation of microspheres loaded topical gel for fungal infections


Ankit Singh, Shaffi Khurana Tangri and Mrynal Chamoli*

Fluconazole is a derivative of the imidazole and is used for the management of both local and systemic fungus infections. The Fluconazole should not be used orally as it has several negative impacts. fluconazole topical sold commercially, since there are no commercially available gel preparations, these formulations are developed to improve patient compliance and medicine dosage should be decreased in order to prevent negative effects like both renal and liver damage. It was a gel, altered by altering the polymer ratio. FT-IR analysis identified no interactions and verified the drug's purity. Between excipients and the medication. Gel formulas were used to characteristics for drug content, pH measurement, antifungal, in vitro diffusion, and viscosity measurement skin discomfort and activity. Some studies indicated that the oils from medicinal plants could be used as potential anti FLU-resistant C. albicans agents.

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