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Factors affecting Job satisfaction of teachers of Hue University in Viet Nam


Nhat Nguyen Cong, ng Nguyen Van, Tinh Hoang Huu and 2Nhung Nguyen Thi Kim

Employees are a valuable resource that may contribute in several different ways to a company's activities, provided that the company gives them an appropriate chance. In order to be successful, a company needs employees who act toward the goals of the organization and have a strong desire to remain in the company. Such loyalty and commitment may be generated by job satisfaction. Furthermore, motivation is aimed to achieve increases in work productivity and job satisfaction. Particularly, the impacts of motivation on the work performance and productivity attracted attention towards motivation in the work environment. Highly satisfaction persons tend to work harder and perform more effectively in their jobs than less satisfaction individuals. In addition, several studies showed that job satisfaction leads to a better performance as well as to more customer-orientation. However, the accumulated research evidence suggests that the relation between job satisfaction and performance is quite weak. In this regard, this study was conducted to know the impact of reward and recognition, satisfaction with supervision and job characteristics on job satisfaction. Moreover, the relationship between job satisfaction and work motivation was also explored with the help of responses collected from teachers working in Hue University in Vietnam. Questionnaire as research instrument was used and floated to 300. In total, 219 usable responses were received which were analyzed through SPSS 17.0. Results showed significantly positive relationship between reward and recognition, satisfaction with supervision and the job characteristics, with job satisfaction as well as a very positive and significant relationship was also observed between job satisfaction and personal motivation. Implications of the study for management and policy makers in the context of human resource practices are discussed. Limitations and guidelines for future research are also given.

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