Evaluation of the Russia and Armenian Magnet Journey to Nurs | 93993
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Evaluation of the Russia and Armenian Magnet Journey to Nursing Excellence Program


Walter Adler*

To give results assessment of a mediation to reinforce proficient nursing practice in Russian and Armenian emergency clinics. Four Russian and Armenian hospitals used Forces of Magnetism to develop professional nurse practice as part of the Nursing Quality Improvement Initiative. At two time points, cross-sectional survey data were gathered from 859 nurses in wave 2 and 840 nurses in wave 1. In surveys conducted in the first and third years of the demonstration, each hospital served as its own control, and comparisons were made between targeted and non-targeted units in each hospital. Survey items provided descriptive information about the nurse samples. Chi-square and difference of means tests were used to examine changes in nurse burnout, nurse-reported patient care quality, and the characteristics of nurse practice environments in Russia and Armenia, both overall and separately for targeted and non-targeted units.

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