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Evaluation of the ability of ginger to treat the adverse effects of tetracycline drug in the liver of albino rats' embryos in the second trimester of pregnancy


Samira Omar Balubaid1, Mona Ramadan Al-Shathly2 and Kamlah Ali Majrashi

This research aims to study the effect of drug tetracycline and ginger as well as study the ability of ginger to treat the adverse effects of drug tetracycline on liver embryos during the second period of pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant female rats were divide into four groups, (G1): control group, (G2) was treated with a drug tetracycline during the second week of pregnancy with a dose of 0.7mg \ kg, (G3) was treated with a dose similar to ginger syrup during the second week of pregnancy, and (G4) was treated with tetracycline drug and ginger syrup together in the same period. The results revealed that, a severe shortage and significant loss in liver weight and total weight of the embryos' body in all treatment groups with lesser decrease in (G3), in addition, vascular disorders with acute inflammation and large number of Kupffer's cells were observed in histological examination of liver embryos at the age of 20 days in the group (G2). In ultra structure examination of the liver, degradation in the cytoplasm of hepatocytes was observed. Group (G3), however, was much better and Moreover, the ultra structure examining of the liver showed that most of the cellular organelles are in good positions. In Group (G4) a decline in the severity of vascular disorders and limited number of Kupffer's cells were noticed. The ultra structure of the liver, clarified cytoplasmic degradation in cells and acute changes in hepatic fats. We conclude that ginger is safe to embryo liver and has a limited capacity in the treatment of the effects of tetracycline drug. Therefore, we recommend pregnant women keep away from antibiotics during the period of organization so as not to cause delay or disrupt embryo growth. Ginger is to be used with the antibiotic and not alone during pregnancy.

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