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Evaluation of patients perception of nursing care in selected health institutions in Edo state, Nigeria


Mohammed M.A., Odetola Titilayo Dorothy

The health care delivery system in any nation is de signed and set up to meet the health care needs of target populations by providing health services that are accessible, affordable, safe, effective an d qualitative to consumers (patients). Studies have s hown that patient’s satisfaction is an important indicator of quality health care. Also, literature to date has shown nursing care to be an important indicator of patient’s total hospital satisfaction. It indicates that quality nursing care should be viewed and practiced from the patient’s perspective . This is a challenge because nursing research is low in this area even though nursing is central to health care. The purpose of this study was to evaluate patients’ satisfaction with the care they received through their interaction with nurses. A convenient sample of two hundred and fifty patients participated in the study. Using Pearson r correlation statistical methods, findings revealed a strong, direct and positive correlation between nurse-patient communication and nursing care. This implied that, where a good nurse-patient communication was maintained, nursing care would eq ually be evaluated positively and satisfactorily by patients.

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