Entrepreneurship as a learning process: Ambanis�?¢�?�?��?�? | 16858
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Entrepreneurship as a learning process: Ambanis�?¢�?�?��?�?� as the 20th century entrepreneurs of India


V. R Salkute

This study provides insights into the characteristics and behaviour of entrepreneurs. The study emphasizes the role of experience in entrepreneurship. The main focus is to illustrate how entrepreneurs can use their previous entrepreneurial experiences in their entrepreneurial career. The case introduced in this paper is that of young Indian entrepreneur(s). His story fits to some of the earlier findings in the field, but it also offer new insights into earlier results. Results show that the entrepreneur in question firmly and continuously exploited entrepreneurial learning and experiences in his entrepreneurial career. When moving to new business in a new industry, the entrepreneur may be capable of thinking ‘outside the box’, and hence to innovate. Findings also suggest that a new generation of entrepreneurs, with less risk-averse approaches to entrepreneurship may enhance more positive attitudes about entrepreneurship in general.

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