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Employees��? Job Satisfactions and Organisational Commitment in Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited, India


Shanmukha Rao Padala

Job satisfaction has been described as an output of a work environment. The agreement between the environment and the workers’ expectations result in job satisfaction. Organizational commitment maximized innovative and spontaneous behavior which implied that organizations need not go beyond attracting and holding people in the system to achieve better efficiency. Organizational commitment may be related to the morale of the work force, it has come to be considered a desirable goal in itself and the characteristic of effective healthy organization. An attempt is made in this study to identify the various parameters for employee job satisfaction and organizational commitment in Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (NFCL), Kakinada, India to measure the level of employees’ job satisfaction and organizational commitment in the selected organization based on the selected factors, and to examine the relationship between employees’ socio-economic character and the factors of job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Around ten per cent of the sample (out of 1940 employees, 200 respondents are selected i.e., 35 executive cadre, 55 junior executive cadre and 110 non executive cadre employees) is selected based on the stratified random sampling and used Mean, Standard Deviation, ANOVA and t-tests analysis. The study revealed that Employees are found to have a positive inclination in their intensity of commitment towards their organization. Age, Education, Nature of the job, length of service and income have negatively relations with the employee job satisfaction as well as organizational Commitment. Employees having very active participation in trade union are found to have more job satisfaction and high degree of organizational commitment compared to other groups of employees.

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