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Efficiency of nanoliposomal fluconazole particle produced by spray freeze drying


Alimohammad Mosadegh Mehrjardi* and Vahid Ramazani

Candidiasis is an important health problem, which is a common fungal infections with high mortality rate up to 70% especially in patients with immunosuppressive disorders. Pulmonary administration of drugs is mostly performed by wet nebulization. However, this form of pulmonary administration is time-consuming, carries the risk of patient reinfection and resistance building in the device, and is generally less patient friendly than a dry powder inhaler (DPI). Spray freeze drying (SFD) is a particle engineering technique that can be used to produce inhalable powder formulation. It is investigated in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Different formulations of fluconazole are prepared based on the amount of excipients desired. To determine the efficacy of the formulations and to evaluate the drug delivery pattern, one cc of each formulation is transferred to a dialysis bag and 100 cc of phosphate buffer is suspended in humans. Concentrations of 1000, 700, 500, 300, 300, 100, 10 g / ml were made from fluconazole in water and 80 tween and their absorption at 261 nm was determined by UV spectrophotometer. They are present through nanoparticles, but by increasing the ratio of fluconazole in these formulations by a ratio of 1:1, the rate of release of these drugs is reduced. In this study, sugar expanses were used to make inhaled formulations of fluconazole. In general, these expanses have been used to improve dispersion, whether for the purpose of adding carrier or for the purpose of additive.

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