Effects of Grewia tenax (Guddaim) as a natural food on the h | 18023
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Effects of Grewia tenax (Guddaim) as a natural food on the hemoglobin level and growth among displaced children of Darfur State, Western Sudan


Magda E. Ahmed, Hala B. B. Hamid, Haydar E. Babikir and Ahmed A. Agab Eldor

This study was conducted in Northern Darfur State a t Asalam Camp, about 3 km north to El Fashir town, among permanently resident under five displac ed children. The study aims to study the effect of Grewia tenax (Guddaim) on hemoglobin concentration and some RBC s Indices. It utilized a pre and post interventional community based design. 101 chi ldren age between 9-60 months were recruited, a pretested, structured questionnaire, anthropometric measurement and laboratory test for hemoglobin were the study tools. Grewia tenax as an additive food for six weeks had a significant effect on hemoglobin level and body thinness as measured by m id upper arm circumference (MUAC). Caretakers had excellent knowledge about Guddaim as a nutrient but its utilization was low. The study recommended a nutritional education program to impr ove the nutritional status and also to encourage gardening of Grewia tenax at small areas around the houses in the camp

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