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Effectiveness of nursing modules in community management of comorbidities hypertension and diabetes among patients with Covid 19


Dr. Sharadha Ramesh

About one-third of adults have hypertension, also known as
high blood pressure. Hypertension is a serious condition that
strongly increases the risk of major heart events, strokes and
kidney disease. Treating hypertension, usually with medications
that reduce the blood pressure, significantly lowers the
risk of these dangerous outcomes. As per some reports, the
most common comorbidities are Hypertension -30 % Diabetes
-19 %- and Coronaryheartdisease-8%.PeoplewithHypertensionatHighRiskSome
people with hypertension are at a particularly
high risk of the complications of hypertension as well
as from the COVID-19 flu. The following situations require
special attention. Older individuals (over 60) are at increased
risk of poor outcomes from the COVID-19 flu as well as from
their hypertension. Be particularly vigilant in observing our
recommendations. Do not hesitate to get medical help if you
develop symptoms. A previous heart condition, stroke or kidney
disease: Be careful to take all your prescribed medications,
follow all the recommendations already given and be prepared
– if necessary – to actively seek medical help. JAMA study results
shows about 80.4% of the patients who recovered from
COVID -19 come back to the hospital and had the persistence
of at least one symptom particularly fatigues, dyspnea, dry
cough, chest pain and body ache.53 % of patients showed with
fatigue, 55 % of the patients had dyspnea, dry cough, chest
pain and body ache, 32 % had only dyspnea and more than 44
% of the patient’s health condition become worsened with the
complications of myocardial infarction, pneumonia, respiratory
distress syndrome, hypertension and brain fog.

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