Effect of protein rich foods mixtures on the quality of form | 16756
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Effect of protein rich foods mixtures on the quality of formulated weaning food diet.


Adepeju, A.B. and Abiodun A.O.

This work aimed at evaluating the effect of proteineous food mixtures on the quality of formulated weaning food diet. Protein contents of all the diets compared well with the control diet. Both melon and cowpea seeds increased the protein contents of Ogi. Diet with cowpea had the least fat content while that of melon had higher values in fat content. The crude fibre content of the experimental diets ranged from 2.43-3.30g/100g. These values were low when compared with that of the control diet (5.00g/100g). The ash contents of the formulated diets were lower than that of the control diet. The carbohydrate content of the diets compared favorably well with the control diet. The control diet had higher protein efficiency ratio (PER) and net protein ratio (NPR) followed by cowpea-melon-ogi diet. The animals fed with control diets increased in weight followed by the animal fed with cowpea-melon-ogi diet. The tissues, livers and kidneys of animals in the cowpea-melon-ogi group were found to have the highest weight when compared to cowpea-ogi and melon-ogi diet groups. The weight of kidney of melon-ogi diet group was almost the same with that of cowpea-ogi diet group but higher than the basal diet group. The organs of the animals fed with control diet had the highest total protein level followed by the cowpea-melon-ogi diet. This was due to the presence of protein mixtures in the experimental diet.

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