Effect of aqueous extract of Tetrapleura tetraptera on exci | 16653
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Effect of aqueous extract of Tetrapleura tetraptera on excision wounds in albino rats


G. S. Effiong I. E. Udoh, G. E. Essien D. O. Ajibola and K.O. Archibong

In this study, Tetrapleura tetraptera was ascertained of its effect on wound healing. The Lethal dose (LD50) of Tetrapleura tetraptera was determined and the research on its wound healing effect was carried out. The standard method of Nofal was adopted for the determination of the (LD50). Wound healing effect was done by excising wounds on anaesthesized rats and then the percentage wound closure (epithelialization) was determined from the treatment with different concentrations of the extract, negative control as well as the positive control. The (LD50) of Tetrapleura tetraptera was 10,000mg/kg body weight. The least concentration (200mg/ml) gave hundred percent (100%) epithelialization at the end of the experiment; 2000mg/ml concentration of the extract delayed the wound healing effect of the plant. Conclusively, Tetrapleura tetraptera at 200mg/ml has a potent value of wound healing effect while 2000mg/ml of Tetrapleura tetraptera is not efficacious in wound healing. Thus, Tetrapleura tetraptera could be administered at 200mg/ml for the treatment of wounds.

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