Effect of aqueous extract of sun �?¢�?�?��?�?? dried neem | 16465
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Effect of aqueous extract of sun �?¢�?�?��?�?? dried neem (azadirachta indica a) leaves on wheat and wheat weeds (wild oat and dumbi sitti) in Vitro


Saadia Bano,* Muhammad Arshad Ullah**, Abdul Khaliq***, Khalida Hamid Abbasi****, Saeeda Khanum

A study was conducted to evaluate the effects of aqueous extract of sun-dried neem (Azadirachta indica ) leaves on the wheat and wheat weeds (Phalaris minor and Avena fatua). The effect of aqueous leaf extract of neem on the germination of wheat and wheat weeds were not significant while it had the significant effect on shoot and root growth of wild oat seedlings, fresh weight of root/ shoot growth of Dumbi sitti seedlings. The root and shoot growth of wheat seedlings showed significant results. Nonsignificant effect on the root, shoot length and dry weight of wheat weeds at different concentrations (0%,25% 50%,75% and 100%) of aqueous extracts of sun dried neem leaves.

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