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Ecological Recycling Agriculture


Huang E

Report from UN Climate Change Research Team, with 1 degree Celsius of global temperature increase, the world’s food production decreases by 10%. The massive use of fossil fuel releases a huge amount of greenhouse gases, which causes extreme weather and unprecedented natural disasters. In pursuit of high yield, high return and high efficiency in agriculture, massive amount of petroleum is being used as fuel for agro-machinery. Also, petroleum-based fertilizer and pesticides are heavily used. Mechanized grain drying is the most important part of agricultural mechanization. Right after harvest, grain should be delivered into dryers. Fresh drying helps farmers secure the fruit of their hard work. This also allows everyone to have access to fresh, and safe rice. The combustion of one liter of diesel releases 2.7 kilograms of CO2. One cubic meter of natural gas releases 2 kilograms of CO2 after burning. However, the net CO2 emission of biomass energy is neutral, which is eco-friendly.

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