Documentation of the toxic flora from the Navi Mumbai region | 88941
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Documentation of the toxic flora from the Navi Mumbai region of Maharashtra


VM Jamdhade*

A field research extensive survey was undertaken during the years 2020–2021. This kind of study to make people aware among public and school kids, and provide various solutions for protecting family members and animals from these harmful and toxic plants. A total of 16 toxic (poisonous) plant species from 13 families were recorded, identified, and discussed in this study. Araceae family lead with three each, followed by Apocynaceae, Euphorbiaceae, and Leguminosae with two each and the remaining one to each. According to the findings, several plants are poisonous and cause a variety of diseases in humans and animals. As a result, they were generally ignored by the public. Poisonous substances can be found in a variety of plant parts including the bark, stem, leaves, fruits, latex, and tubers.

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