Disciplined character: A re-emerging quality for graduate em | 17326
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Disciplined character: A re-emerging quality for graduate employability in Ghana


Blasu Ebenezer Yaw and 2Kuwornu-Adjaottor Jonathan E. T.

This was part of an on-going opinion study to determine the relationship between character and employability of entrée graduate applicants. From the results, the ideal expectation for graduate entrée employment should be portrayal of three qualities: academic performance, job skills and disciplined character. However, in a keen competition Students and Employers tended to differ in the ranking of the final determinant qualities. They variedly emphasized ‘job skills’ and ‘disciplined character’ respectively, as central to combinations with other qualities. Impliedly, in modern Ghana, during a keenly competitive recruitment, employers would emphasize disciplined character of graduates, but students were ignorant of this trend.

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