Different Types of Laser use in Teeth Bleaching | 17478
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Different Types of Laser use in Teeth Bleaching


Abdelfattah M.M.

The study of the present work aimed to compare betw een Laser and non laser systems in teeth bleaching, It be found that laser system is better than non laser systems and achieve a better result by selective radiation which can decrease the expos ure time during bleaching hence reduces that intra-pulpal temperature. There are other lasers th at have been tested for teeth whitening as Alexandrite and Nd:YAG. However, Er:YAG and diode l asers are the most type of lasers used in tooth bleaching specifically the recent types as to uchwhite by fotona Er:YAG. The Er:YAG light does not penetrate through the gel and consequently does not directly heat the hard dental tissue or the pulp. The most effect Laser is touchwhite by Fotona Er:YAG as it least effect the dental pulp

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