Diet and lifestyle changes as preventive cost-effective stra | 18189
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Diet and lifestyle changes as preventive cost-effective strategies of interventions for chronic diseases


Elvis I. Agbonlahor, Richard O. Okaka, Loveth N. Ag bonlahor

The increase in the occurrence of nutrition related chronic diseases is alarming. It was seen that genetic, environmental, and behavioural factors are primary determinants of chronic diseases such as coronary artery disease, ischemic stroke, diabetes and some specific cancers. Thus, it was therefore concluded that avoiding smoking; pursuing physical activity; consuming healthy types of fats; eating plenty of fruits and vegetables; replacing refined grains with whole grains; limiting sugar intake; limiting excessive calories and limiting sodium int ake are dietary and lifestyle factors that could se rve as interventions for chronic diseases. It was ther efore recommended that a comprehensive national and local plans that would involve health care prov iders, worksites, schools, media, urban planners, a ll levels of food production, processing and preparat ion and governments should be developed to take advantage of every opportunity to encourage and pro mote healthy eating and active living.

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