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Development of an efficient protocol from invitro Micropropagation and Somatic embryogenesis for the Mass Multiplication of Ventilago maderaspatana Gaertn- A Medicinal Plant


Deepak R. Chandra and Thoyajaksha*

An efficient in vitro method was developed for the micropropagation and mass multiplication of Ventilago maderaspatana Gaertn. Healthy and mature V. maderaspatana, plants stem segments (3-5 cm in height) are obtained from actively growing young shoots during the month of March from different locations at Western Ghats of Karnataka were used as explants. Woody Plant Media supplemented with different concentration and combinations for of plant hormones were used for shoot, callus and root induction. TDZ at 0.5 mg/L induced highest rate (86.1%) of regeneration with 6.83±1.71 shoots per explant. In callus formation, media supplemented with 0.5 mg/L NAA and 0.5 mg/L TDZ induced highest rate (87.9%) of regeneration with the formation 14.2±1.91 somatic embryos per callus culture. Highest rate (91.5%) of rooting was induced by 0.5 mg/L IBA with 4.08±1.23 roots per shoot. Regenerated plants were transferred into pots containing soil rite, vermiculate, coir peat, peat moss, sand and the mixture of sand and soil for hardening and acclimatization. Plants potted in Soil rite showed the highest rate (92.6%) of survival.Mature plants were reintroduced in to their natural habitat at Neerahalla (Hassan district, Karnataka) for conservation.

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