Developing world is not the only custodian of child labour | 17691
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Developing world is not the only custodian of child labour


Imran Naseem and Khalid Zaman

The study attempts to look into the menace of the child labour around the contemporary world while also tracing its history. The study endeavors to find traces of child labour in the developing as well as developed world. The worst forms of child labour including armed conflict, trafficking, slavery, sexual exploitation, and hazardous work which absorb three-forth (3/4th) of the total child labour force. Menace of child labour continued either under inappropriate laws or unwilling implementers. The facts reveal that children’s having ages 7-14 years is 145,000 in Italy. Approximately 1.5 million child labour forces is estimated in Italy. Although, unpleasant but child labour was considered desirable, at times. Child labour is an established fact in Europe. Reasonable extent of child labour in Europe is not documented; however, 50% of rural child labour worked under 3 hours a day with only 18% worked more than 8 hours. Child labour is fundamentally dangerous as it adversely affects the child’s productive age.

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