Depression and coping strategies among students in the unive | 18083
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Depression and coping strategies among students in the university of Ghana.


Samuel Atindanbila and Edward Abasimi

This study examined the prevalence of depression of the students at the University of Ghana, the perceived causes and the coping strategies they use. Three hundred and twelve students were drawn from Legon and Accra City Campuses of the University of Ghana through stratified sampling. A self designed questionnaire and Beck’s Depression Inventory was used to collect the data. MANOVA, ANOVA, t-test and Regression Analyses were used to analyze the results which revealed that students had mild depression and their major stressors were related to the academic load. The stressors affected mostly Level 300 students and those on Study leave. The stressors accounted for 43% of the signs of depression in them. Females had more signs of depression whilst level 400 students had the least signs. The commonly used coping strategy was the cognitive. The recommendations centred mainly on addressing academic problems and organizing stress management workshops for them.

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