Creating an environmental management system in a school comm | 16981
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Creating an environmental management system in a school community


Manfred Fehr, Regina Crosara

This study laid the ground work for an environmental management system in the context of public schools in Brazil. The impact analysis of a selected school showed a population of 1924 students, 175 staff and 40 auxiliary personnel, water consumption of 3131 m3/year, energy consumption of 46.1 Mwh/year, solid waste production of 8.1 tons/year, average noise level around the premises of 65 db, total school area of 6936.5 m2, water permeable area of 2841 m2 and impermeable area of 4095.5 m2. The analysis evolved into the definition of permanent responsibilities of staff members to create and maintain the management system.

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