Coping appraisal and affinity towards vegetarianism among a | 18192
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Coping appraisal and affinity towards vegetarianism among a group of civil servants of Oyo state, Nigeria


Ibrahim, Fausat Motunrayo

Vegetarianism holds great promises for attenuating the scourge of chronic human illnesses and ensuring environmental sustainability. It is gainin g reputation as a responsible option. Hence, a methodical look at a seemingly under investigated, socio-psychological aspect of vegetarianism is called for. As such, self and response efficacy as well as affinity, with regards to vegetarianism wer e investigated among 565 government ministries employ ees. The mean affinity score almost bipolarized respondents as 54.9% scored above the mean while 45 .1% scored below the mean. The relationship between self and response efficacy on one hand and affinity on the other is quite strong (R = 0.452; R 2 = 0.204; p < 0.05). Results of t- test and ANOVA shows that a ge, religion and education are significantly associated with affinity towards vegetarianism ( p< 0.05). Being older, Muslim and highly educated are associated with better affinity towards vegetariani sm. There is optimism for vegetarianism in the stud y area, but there is the need to strengthen campaign for ensuring same

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