Congenital tuberculosis presented as chronic persistent pneu | 18092
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Congenital tuberculosis presented as chronic persistent pneumonia: a case report of 3 months old baby


Sankar kumar Das, Amar Kumar Das, Sarbani Chattapadhyay, Snehansu Chakraborti, Malay Sarkar

Congenital tuberculosis is a rare disease though recently, the risk of congenital tuberculosis among child bearing age has increased. We report a case of congenital tuberculosis, who presented as chronic persistent pneumonia in late Neonatal period and mother was diagnosed as having asymptomatic genital tuberculosis. The clinical presentation of congenital tuberculosis is nonspecific earlier making diagnosis delayed, particularly when mother is asymptomatic. The mortality rate among infants with congenital tuberculosis is 38% overall and 22% among infants who received anti-tubercular therapy. Usually in 50% cases, it can present as chronic persistent pneumonia.

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