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Comparative Study on the Growth Performance of Cicer arietinum L. (Chickpea) in Hydroponic System and Soil


Rahul Kumar*

Hydroponics is a technique of growing plants in water that consists of dissolved nutrients and growing media is used to support the plants in the medium. The field experiment was conducted in Bazpur from September to November in 2019 for the comparative study of Cicer arietinum L. in a hydroponic system with soil grown plants. The Nutrition Film Technique (NFT) of the hydroponic system was used in the present study. In NFT the roots get nutrition from the flowing nutrition solution in PVC pipe channels. Chickpea plants were selected for an experiment. The chickpea plants were raised in the hydroponic system and also in the soil for comparative study. Plant growth data was collected every week from both hydroponic and soil grown plants. Plant height, the diameter of the stem of plants, leaf size, and the number of leaves were observed and analyzed. Data were statistically analyzed and after data analysis in the present study, we can conclude that the growth of chickpea plants in the hydroponic system is more than the soil system. Flowering and fruiting are also seen in the hydroponic system in a short period. We can use the hydroponic system for various crops to get better growth and yield. It is also feasible under Indian climatic conditions. Hydroponics is a Greek word that is formed from two words "Hydro" and "ponos". Where "Hydro" means water and "ponos" means working. Hydroponics is a method in which we grow plants without soil. We use minerals nutrient solutions in water solvents in this system. In this experiment, only one plant type is considered. However, the experiment can be done using different types of plant species.

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