Comparative extraction of volatile oil components fromPimpin | 16706
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Comparative extraction of volatile oil components fromPimpinella affinis ledeb using supercritical CO2 and steam distillation


Mohsen Dashtianeh, Shohreh Fatemi, Alireza Vatanara, Fatemeh Sefidkon, Mahboob Habibzadeh

The isolation of volatile components from Pimpinella affinis ledeb was carried out using supercritical extraction and steam distillation method. The oils were analyzed by GC-FID and GC/MS. The compounds were identi�?¯�?¬�?ed according to their retention indices and mass spectra (EI, 70 eV). The major constituent detected was trans-α-Bergamotene. By using of Taguchi design the effect of operational parameters such as; temperature and pressure were investigated in supercritical fluid extraction (SFE). As a comparison, conventional steam distillation was conducted and the influences of temperature and extraction time were studied as the important parameters for improvement of oil extraction and its major component. Results show that the maximum yield of SFE and steam distillation was 5.20%, 0.82%, respectivly based on dry weight of plant materials (w/w).

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