Cloning and In silico characterization of HSP90 gene from wh | 17097
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Cloning and In silico characterization of HSP90 gene from wheat (Triticum aestivum L)


Ranjeet Ranjan Kumar, Suneha Goswami, Khushboo Singh, Sushil Kumar Sharma and Raj Deo Rai

HSP90 is an essential heat shock protein found in all eukaryotes studied so far. This protein is known for its role in facilitating maturation of signaling molecules, manage protein folding, cell cycle control, protein degradation and protein trafficking. In plants HSP90 is localized in cytosol, chloroplast, mitochondria and ER. In present investigation an amplicon of ~2.5 kb was amplified from C-306 wheat cultivar. BLASTn analysis showed 96% homology with HSP90 of Triticum aestivum (Accession number GQ240780.1). In silico characterization of HSP90 revealed that it has an ORF from 62 to 2164 encoded for 700 amino acids. The sequence was submitted in Gen Bank with accession no JN052206. Clustal W analysis of HSP90 with HSP90 sequence (reported from wheat) showed large variability in HSP90 nucleotide sequence. Based on phylogeny analysis, all HSP90 reported till date from wheat has been classified into four different subgroups and HSP90 belongs to subgroup IV showing same origin as that of Triticum aestivum (Accession number GQ240780.1 and GQ40779.1). There is a need to exploit the stages and tissues specific expression profiling of HSP90 in order to enhance the thermo tolerance capacity of wheat.

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