Chemodectoma: three case-series with review of literature. | 18036
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Chemodectoma: three case-series with review of literature.


Echejoh GO, Silas OA, Manasseh AN, Mandong BM, Adoga AS.

Chemodectomas (Paragangliomas, Glomus tumours, Carotid body tumours) are extra-adrenal chromaffin tumours. Historically, in the year 1743, von Haller first reported a gross description of a structure lying at the bifurcation of the carotid artery, which he termed the "ganglion minutum." The microscopic appearance of this organ was described by von Luschka in 1862, and the first tumour of this body was surgically removed by Riegner in 1880 and described by Marchand in 1891. In 1950, Mulligan renamed this type of neoplasm as a chemodectoma to reflect its origins from chemoreceptor cells. In 1974, Glenner and Grimley renamed the tumour paraganglioma on the basis of its anatomic and physiologic characteristics. Presentation is normally history of a slow growing mass. Most cases are benign with scant record of malignant variants. There is no report of chemodectoma from this centre in literature. We present three cases of chemodectoma seen in this centre within one year.

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