Challenges of Surgical Management of Maxillary Tumours in a | 17350
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Challenges of Surgical Management of Maxillary Tumours in a Developing Country


Eziyi Josephine Adetinuola Eniola, Amusa yemisi Bola, Fatusi Olawunmi, Otoghile Bright

Most tumours of the maxillary sinus are “silent” prod ucing no direct symptoms until they reach advanced stage. Treatment of these tumours often in cludes maxillectomy, with outcomes that vary depending on several factors. To highlight the clin ical pattern of patients that had Maxillectomy for sinonasal tumours and the challenges of management in a Nigerian tertiary Hospital. Records were obtained from a chart review of all patients who un derwent Maxillectomy for sinonasal tumour over a 10 year period. During the period, 31 patients with maxillary tumour were seen and only 11 patients underwent different forms of Maxillectomy. Three (2 7%) were males and 8 (73%) were females. Only four patients could afford a computed tomography sc an. The common complications were postoperative epistaxis and feeding difficulty (27% ) while cheek graft failure (9%) and depression (9% ) were least. The challenges encountered in our facil ity during management include limited diagnostic equipments and treatment facilities and the fact th at patients could not afford the cost of management . The challenges in the management are enormous and n eed to be addressed to enhance early presentation, diagnosis and better management and o utcome.

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