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Ceramic ethnoarchaeology in Zimbabwe


Robert Tendai Nyamushosho

The advent of ceramic ethnoarchaeology into Zimbabwean ceramic studies dates back as far as the late 20th century. Despite this it has witnessed a gradual appreciation into the mainstream ceramic studies especially towards addressing archaeological problems and developing prehistoric models. Following this, considerable aspects have been put under study even though mostly fragmented. Among these include vessel production, vessel consumption, disposal patterns, symbolism and social boundaries. In light of this, this paper provides an overview of these researches and their contribution towards development of Zimbabwean archaeology. It is also the motivation of this paper to advance the notion that it is high time Iron Age archaeologists should swallow their ‘pride’ and embrace this emic approach towards meaningful ceramic studies that strive to recreate the humanistic side of the story that has lacked in most of their researches (Beach 1980; Pikirayi 2007).

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