Cell-mediated immunity in Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients | 18199
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Cell-mediated immunity in Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in diabetic ketoacidosis, patients with controlled Type 2 diabetes mellitus and healthy control subjects


Musa, B. O. P., Onyemelukwe, G.C., Hambolu, J. O., Bakari, A.G., Anumah, F.E.

Immune modulation accompanying metabolic dysfunctio n can adversely affect outcome of a non infectious disease such as type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Peripheral T lymphocyte subsets were analyzed with monoclonal antibodies via manual count ing by the indirect immunofluorescence method, in type 2 Diabetes mellitus patients in DKA, contro lled T2DM patients as well as normal healthy contro ls (NHC).There was a significant decrease in CD4+ T ce lls alongside a non significant increase in CD8+ T cells in patients with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) compared to contro lled T2DM patients and normal healthy controls. Ratio of CD4/CD8+ T cells was als o lowest in DKA. These T cell changes in patients with DKA reflect an abnormal immunoregulatory mechanism in parallel with an impa ired metabolic process and may lead to enhanced beta cell damage a nd increased susceptibility to DKA crisis in T2DM patients.

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