Care and Sleep Medicine: Critical and Supine Sleep during Po | 95098
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Care and Sleep Medicine: Critical and Supine Sleep during Polysomnography


Gao Wanying*

In the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), sleep is regarded as subjectively poor, extremely fragmented, and occasionally as "atypical." Even though it is believed that getting enough sleep helps patients recover, little is known about how sleep affects physiologic function in critically ill patients or those with clinically important outcomes in the intensive care unit. The lack of objective, practical, scalable, and scalable methods to measure sleep and the multifactorial etiologies of its disruption make ICU-based sleep disturbance research challenging. In spite of these difficulties, there is a growing body of research into sleep-promoting strategies. This research has revealed a variety of factors that contribute to ICU-related sleep loss, which encourages multifaceted intervention efforts. through a focused examination of ICU sleep measurement; consequences of not getting enough sleep in the ICU; This paper examines research on sleep in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and highlights the need for additional investigation into this complex and dynamic field, as well as ICU-based sleep promotion efforts that include environmental, no-pharmacological, and pharmacological interventions.

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