Cardiac tamponade caused by tuberculous pericarditis: A case | 16381
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Cardiac tamponade caused by tuberculous pericarditis: A case report


Ali M. Assiri, Tariq A. Al Azraqi, A. Rauoof Malik,Hamdan M. Al-shehri

Pericarditis is a rare but potentially serious comp lication of tuberculosis. The clinical features of Tuberculous pericarditis are often subtle and nonspecific, leading to delayed or missed diagnosis. As a result, patients of Tuberculous pericarditis often present with late complications and have increased mortality. We present a 51-year-old male who was admitted to our hospital for pericardial effusion investigation which was found to be of tuberculosis etiology based on polymerase chain reaction and pericardi al effusion culture. Clinicians should keep in mind tuberculosis as an important cause of peri cardial effusion, as it may reflect increasing tuberculosis endemic and to consider using polymerase chain reaction to aid in reaching the diagnosis.

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