Biomarkers in clinical research on cancer by the use of drug | 98905
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Biomarkers in clinical research on cancer by the use of drugs


Charlotte Brian*

A biological molecule that may be found in tissues, physiological fluids, or blood and serves as a biomarker for a disease, condition, or healthy process. To determine how effectively the body responds to a disease or condition therapy, a biomarker may be utilised also known as a signature molecule and a molecular marker. Biomarkers, also known as biological markers, are biological indicators of a condition of biology (Lubin et al., 2008). A biomarker is, according to its official definition, "a characteristic that is objectively measured and evaluated as an indicator of normal biological processes, pathogenic processes, or pharmacological responses to a therapeutic intervention”. In order to design an effective treatment intervention, biomarkers are the measurements used to conduct a clinical evaluation, such as blood pressure or cholesterol level. Biomarkers are used to monitor and forecast health conditions in individuals or across groups. To evaluate a person's health or illness condition, biomarkers may be utilised singly or in combination (Jakobsson 2008).

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